Monday, November 30, 2009

The funny things kids say...

I just had to jot down a few of the funnies that the kids have shared over the last couple of days.

Delyla was getting into the bathtub tonight and said "look at my weenie!" We tried to explain that she didn't have one, but she is a child with an opinion and just kept saying "look at my weenie!" It was hilarious - I guess that's what happens when you have 2 big brothers!

Dalton was getting ready for church Sunday and came in to show me the hole in his sock. I asked if he needed help finding a sock with no holes and he said "No, mom, my sock is like the Holy Ghost!" Precious.

Darion told me in the car that he felt happy. I asked why and he said that Dalton told him that he was glad he had a big brother - that it helps him not have bad dreams. This was the most special thing. Dalton has been waking up with bad dreams alot in the past few months and he asked if Darion could sleep with him. Darion said he would and Dalton's sleeping way better now. Sweet big brother huh?

Although Jon isn't one of my children, sometimes it feels that way. LOL He mentioned that it is a full moon tonight. I said "oh really". He said I'd better watch out, that Jacob might come and get me. I said "one can only wish;)".

Darion also shared a great joke - Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
(Drum roll please...)
To get to the bottom... The Mahan genes are going strong in that boy. Wath out!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sinnamon Rolls...

I heard a really poignant lesson today at church and want to jot it down to share.

In Relief Society, as you walked in, you were offered a delicious looking cinnamon roll to enjoy during the lesson. For every sister that accepted a cinnamon roll, a priesthood brother would pay the price of 10 push ups. As sister after sister walked in, the poor brother doing the push ups kept going and going. After a while, a few of the sisters, seeing his strain and discomfort and later, pain, tried to return the cinnamon roll, but the brother wouldn't let them until he had paid its price. After about 200 push ups, he was convinced to stop. Sisters were appologizing and offering him the uneaten cinnamon rolls that he gladly accepted, but would not eat.

They made a parallel statement matching the cinnamon roll to Sin and the brother doing the push ups to Jesus Christ. The eloquent teacher wove this into a Thanksgiving, Christmas message stating, what better present to give Jesus Christ this season, than our sins? He gladly accepts our burdens and lovingly gives us peace, joy and hope in return. I hope that we can all try to focus on this in the weeks to come. I was really touched and moved by it. If you're not sure how to do this, but are looking for happiness and peace, please visit and watch the video entitled Lifting Burdens. This web-site offers encouragement and direction in ways only inspired by Jesus Christ himself. Love to everyone:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random pictures

Here are a bunch of random pictures of us, Gammy, the Batchelders and friends. My computer is so slow to upload pics, that I don't have time to put any comments tonight, but enjoy looking at the cuties. There are pics from halloween, a birthday party for Darion, a party for Delyla, footbal in the yard and fun cooking at Gammy's house. We are having a blast in New Mexico waiting for more snow to fly. We're heading out hiking to find a Christmas tree this weekend - I'll post pictures of that escapade soon. Last time we saw a mountain lion! A little too much excitement for a Christmas tree hike. Happy holidays everyone;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jealousy will get tickets!

After talking to Kareena and reading Karla's blog, I whined to Jon long enough to talk him into advance purchase of tickets to New Moon! We can't see it Thursday at midnight - imagine driving home through a snowy canyon 45 minutes at 2 in the morning with elk and deer in your headlights! - no thanks! So, we got tickets for Friday the 20th at 9:00. Dinner and a movie night! Now, it won't be the same as going to the movies with the girls and oohing and aaaaaaahhhhhhing over Edward (and Jacob, if you like warm bloods - traitor Kareena), but I'll be going with my own version of Edward (minus the bloodlust). It will be so romantic - watching werewolves and vampires and then driving home...45 the snow...deer, elk....full moon....... romanitc or frightening? I'll let you know:0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So many adorable photos and not enough time to upload! Here's halloween. Delyla was an adorable pink bunny rabbit. We had the ears, bowtie and tail already and just bought her some pink sweats. Then...the amazing Alison made her a plush pink pancho which just made the costume. Thanks Alison!

I somehow didn't end up with many pictures of Darion. As usual he had 2 costumes. The first was terrifying - maybe that's why I don't have any pictures. The second is the dark masked figure. He loved it that no one knew it was him in there. He's pictured with Stanton -who was an exceptionally acted Inspector Cluseau. He's got the funny accent down - among his many talents. Darion and Stanton waited in line at the halloween carnival to enter the haunted house that the 8th graders do. Darion went in and promptly exited, requesting his tickets back. It was too scary!

Dalton was Bumble Bee from the Transformers. He wore his costume for weeks before halloween and suprisingly still wanted to wear it on the actual day. He loved it!

Jon suprised me by dressing up as a vampire...yummy... I can't really call this a family friendly blog and stay in this mind set, so we'd better move on.

I was a witch. Big stretch, I know....;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Suprise snow sledding

We've had quite a bit of snow already this year! It snowed on Sept. 16th! We've had a foot or so this month. In our past experience, it rarely snowed before halloween. Crazy...crazy fun! We're gearing the kids up for a big winter with our first sledding trip. Darion and Jon took in the most runs. Dalton was a little timid, but he went down a couple times. Although Delyla is smiling in the pictures, I don't think she really liked it. She tolerated it for the enjoyment of her brothers...She really runs the show.

Family Fun Day!

We all played hookey today - it was great, even though we were setting a very bad example for the kids. Darion was thrilled to stay home from school (that's a no brainer). I was desperately in need of a day of R&R before my boss leaves for 3 weeks. Jon's boss was out of town...thus - FAMILY FUN DAY!

We had a huge breakfast and started dehydrating apples from a friends orchard. We started a batch of applesauce that lead directly into a batch of apple butter...yummo!

Around 11:00 we went with the Batchelders to Red River. There is a great park with a tennis court converted to a skate park and an awesome frisbee golf course. It was chilly while we were eating our picnic, but once we got out the frisbees and skateboards, and footballs, we all warmed right up. I've never played frisbee golf - there was reason to believe that I never should again... Dalton showed promise and Darion was awesome at jumping across the river to retrieve my wayward frisbees. Did you know that there are different frisbees for different shots, just like different clubs in golf? I can't wait to start scoping out the resale shops for frisbees now. We were at the park the majority of the day and it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Afterwards, we drove around Red River to see what had changed since we were last there - not much;) Life moves slower in the mountains for sure!

On the way home, we stopped to collect some really beautiful quartz like shiny rocks for Dalton's collection - precarious...a 4 year old with a rock in his hand. Please say a prayer every time the thought comes into your mind.

We came home and watched an awesome movie called Alaska. Totally worth searching out. A dad crashes his plane in Alaska and his 2 kids brave the outdoors to rescue him when everyone else seems to have given up hope. You should give it a try!

Now, the boys, without any prompting from me, are wearing vampire teeth and flaring up at eachother. It is hilarious! - And a little odd...

I'm searching for new crock pot recipes to ease the burden of figuring out what is for dinner at the end of a 10 hour day for the next 3 weeks. If you've got any great recipes, please shoot them to me. If I live through these three weeks, I'll be able to live through any job that anyone could throw my way. Wish me luck!

I am a retard and left the memory card from the camera in the computer today. Although I don't have any real proof, this day really did happen. I promise;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the Bohannon's

Jon came to church with us today - it was time for the Primary Program, so he wanted to see the boys do their parts. So great! Especially since I didn't have to do anything but watch it for the first time in so many years. The boys did great!

Afterwards, we came home to watch some football. We do a family football tournament called Pig Skin Pick'em on ESPN. We all pick who we think is going to win and then we give out a silly trophy at the end of the season. It is really fun!

I made some popcorn for everyone. Jon and Delyla were eating on the couch and he said - "Gala, check this out..."
Delyla had fallen asleep right there. Luckily she didn't have any popcorn in her mouth. It was adorable.

I have concluded that the Dolphins bore her as much as they bore me.
Go Vikings!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, finally!

We got internet set up at the house today. Into the 21st century - at least partly...we still don't want to deal with cell phones. I've got so many things to share and pictures to upload. One thing at a time, I guess;) I'll start the updates this week! I sure miss all of my Houston friends - especially Sweet Mama K! I wish I was there to go see New Moon with you guys! We've already had some snow here - I'll upload some sledding pictures tomorrow. Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blog.