Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delyla and I were picking flowers and she brought me these teeny tiny purple blossoms.  She said they were her favorite and that they'd be my favorite because they are purple.  Girls are awesome aren't they?!

Here is my little mini me on our flower picking day.  It has  been much cooler the last week so we were wearing jackets - of course hers is pink.  I took an adorable video of her and tried to upload it, but couldn't make it work.  I'll have ot figure that out.  She went up to a mullien stalk and said "Hey mom, look, it's soft."  I explained that sometimes on hikes people use it for toilet paper because the leaves are wide and soft and thick (like Charmin;).  After that she saw another one and said "Hey mom, look, toilet paper."  She's so smart.  In another video, she comes running up to me with a seedy dandelion and begins to blow on it.  She blows like crazy and nothing happens - it is so adorable to see her try so hard.  

This morning we're having an indoor picnic and watching Shirley Temple.  I am in heaven!

Yesterday we went to the golf course in Taos.  Delyla had a wonderful time.  Jon got her a tiny putter and some yellow range balls.  She ran all over that putting green.  She said she's ready for a tourament now like Daddy.

Here she's getting a little how to from Jon. 

Nice background huh?  Overcast and windy day - green, green grass and blue blue sky in between huge puffy clouds.  Jon's headed to the US Mid - Am today in Albuquerque.  If he can putt, he can win!! Pray for a good putting day everybody! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey there Delyla

Since I blogged about Dalton and Darion last week, I thought I'd talk a little about Miss. Delyla this time.  She is growing so quickly.  Delyla absolutely loves Dora!  She also likes Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie and littlest pet shops.   She loves to help me in the kitchen - we were making Chewy Brownie Cookies that day.  She's really great at rolling them into little balls. 
Delyla has a big opinion about what she wears - and actually a big opinion about what I wear as well.  She picked out this outfit to match her new church shoes from Aunt Rita.  She asks me every day when she wakes up if we are going to church today.  She loves going - loves dancing and singing in nursery.  I can't wait for her to be a sunbeam!  She's our little sunbeam already, but she says she wants to be a sunbeam for Jesus.  So precious.

Delyla absolutely adores her brother Dalton and does everything he does.  If she's getting her picture taken, she runs to get Dalton so he will be in it too.  They are 2 peas in a pod.  My mom made the comment that she had always told me Darion would be easier if I had another child for him to play with - I can really see the truth in that with Dalton and Delyla.  They play together often and with anything from mud to stuffed animals to dressing up.  If Dalton has yogurt, Delyla has to have yogurt...if Dalton is putting on his shoes, Delyla puts hers on...if  Dalton says "butt"...well, you get the picture. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off to school

The first day of school is just so exciting!  Getting up earlier, eating a healthy breakfast for a change, wearing clean clothes and having combed hair.  Dalton is starting Kindergarten this year and was thrilled to be one of the big kids.  There was absolutely no way he was going to let us drive him to school either.  He was determined to ride the bus with his big brother.  Darion was being so sweet to him and reassuring him that he was going to have a wonderful day! 

Dalton ended up with a wonderful teacher this year.  With all of the budget cuts, they reconfigured what grades the teachers were going to teach.  Dalton ended up with Ms. Jassmann - the same teacher Darion had last year for 4th grade.  She is super and hearing that from Darion made Dalton even more excited.  Darion is entering 5th grade this year and has an awesome teacher too - Ms. Ammerman.  I told him last night we were expecting big things from him this year - after all, 5th grade was my most memorable elementary school year.  He said - in an OH so TYPICAL Darion way..."Oh man...."

The boys were sporting the highest of fashion from Old Navy this morning.  Darion in some "Sweet" red cargo pants and a Jaws T-shirt with new tennis shoes too.  Dalton decided to wear his slick pants - which are evidently the coolest thing he has.  He wore them with the ultimate Yoda shirt - it says..."read, you should".  So hilarious.  Dalton told me he looked really handsome this morning - well, I have to agree. 

The boys posed for me in the yard and then we all piled in the car to go to the bus stop.  Delyla watched for the bus out the truck window and the boys made silly faces for me.  Dalton and Darion jumped out of the car and ran over to the bus without glancing back at their poor old mom snapping photo after photo and holding back tears.  That is actually one of the funniest parts - for all of you that hang out with us often, you know that I should be jumping for joy that Dalton is starting Kindergarten, but still, I felt just as emotional as I did when Darion started.  What a big boy!  Delyla is home with me today since I didn't have to work and we've been cleaning and cooking and watching Dora the Explorer.  She just fell asleep and the house is absolutely quiet - so wierd.  What do I do now?  I guess I start blogging again;)  After all, I promised Kareena I would.  Maybe I'll watch a cooking show too;)
To catch everyone up on what we've been doing the last while - I quit the daycare job - hallelujah!!!  Jon is working doing construction still and loving it - playing golf (really well lately!!) every chance he gets and looking hot doing it;)  I work 3 days a week at a beautiful store called Aldura.  Jon's mom Carolyn is still living up here and insists on making our life that much more enjoyable by keeping the kids and giving us date nights every so often.  Her sister Rita has moved up here as well and keeps Delyla for me on the days I work.  How did we exist without them near before?  Darion has grown into quite the opinionated, lazyish pre-teen - although when I ask and he sees I'm a little stressed, he jumps right in and helps me with a million different things  ---and---he does it with a semi-smile.  Miracles never cease.  Dalton is as precocious as ever and dominates the room wherever we are - his little minion Delyla copies everything he does whether it is good or bad - and usually it isn't good....  She's gorgeous though.  Delyla is a big girl now and was really upset she wasn't starting kindergarten too.  She said maybe she could go when she's 4 since she's a big girl.  No arguing with her - even when she's wrong.  I wonder where she gets that trait? 

We've been to a gazillion golf tournaments this summer and Jon has played poorly in a couple, but very well for the majority of them.  He has gone back to being an amateur golfer which is much more enjoyable.  I still love to watch him play.  We celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary on Sunday and had dinner over at the Batchelders.  I am so glad we have such great friends here.  Jon qualified to play in a championship level tournament for some ESPN thing that I'll have to get more details on to understand - but - the exciting part is that the tournament in is Las Vegas.  Jon and I were married there and are so excited to go back together for the tournament.  Hopefully we can get it all planned and have a second honeymoon  - around the golf tournament schedule of course.  I've been following Jon to these things for about 20 years now and they are still thrilling. 

I think that might have to do for catching up on life for now.  I'll try to upload some fun pics from this past winter - Darion was an awesome snowboarder and Dalton learned to ski - they already zoom around me on the mountain. 

Off to a cooking adventure - hmmm.... lunch for just me.....wierd.  Have a great one everybody!