Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cox Radioand the park

We had sooooo much fun on Monday! Don't you just love having a day off of school and actually having a plan? The Scouts had planned to go on a tour of Cox radio. It is a local company that houses 3 different stations in the same floor of a gorgeous hi-rise type building in a fancy schmancy part of Houston. Super Fun. After the tour, The Mullens and The Bohannons went to a great park in the Heights. Of course the pictures loaded backwards from the way I intended, so the park pics show before the radio tour pics. Someday I'll get the hang of it!

Here's David Mullens at the park. If you check behind him, there's a tail growing and although he wouldn't confess it in public, I'm pretty sure he was developing a huge craving for bananas. Here's another monkey - Darion's fellow scout, Jacob.
Here are the partners in crime - Darion and Quentin. Don't you just know that they are up to something? - watch out because it is probably no good...

Dalton is trying to channel Spider Man.

Here's the Princess of course enjoying herself at a new place. She has learned to ask for the pacifier now. She'll say "Binky". If you don't respond in a satisfactory amount of time, she will say it louder and louder until you present the pacifier to her. I think it's about time to let that little crutch go, but it is hard knowing that she's my last one...I want her to be a baby a little longer.

Here's Darion presenting his "I will not embarrass you mom" face. He succeeded. He actually asked a good question during the tour. He asked how you can get a job at a radio station...? The tour guide, a blonde, pony-tailed dude responded - to a room full of boyscouts and their siblings - that you really just needed to finish high school. Then, if you just hang around a radio station long enough, they will eventually give you a job... Thanks pony-tail dude.

Thank heavens this guy said he had a degree in communications. Or else, he has kids of his own and understands that we want our children to hear that nothing comes easy and you need to go to college....
The amount of technology was really amazing. They had studios for each of the radio stations. Everything was computerized. One of the radio stations ran almost the entire day without a person in the studio. Everything was pre-programed and pre-recorded. Did you know that when you listen to Paul Harvey on whatever radio station in whatever town, that Paul is actually broadcasting to 100 radio stations from the comfort of his in home studio? Talk about livin' the high life.

Although there were records hanging on the walls, all of the music was stored on MP4's. No more disc jockeys slinging vinyl or even CD's. Everything's computerized and most of the employees were there based on their computer knowledge rather than a love for music/radio etc. Very suprising to me!
All of the studios had amazing views of the Houston sky-line. Not a bad place to work if you ask me.

Here's a nice shot that includes pony-tail boy that was our guide. He's in the doorway on the left with glasses.

Kareena and I were joking that the only time we've ever really seen a radio station or anything like it was from watching WKRP in Cincinatti. We were dissappointed that there wasn't a cloud of smoke to walk through. We were sad that there weren't any neurotic, mal-adjusted, offensive, smelly DJ's with hang-overs to weave our way through on the tour.

We made it through the tour without our children embarrassing us. Although one of the leaders (whose name I will not disclose out of pity...) son's asked the tour guide when the tour was going to move on at one point when he must have been born. Hee Hee... It wasn't my kid being a cranky smarty pants!!!!!!!

We had a super fun day and I am so glad that we actually went and didn't blow the tour off. It was interesting and informative. It will give our children something to fall back on in the future. Hey, if college doesn't work out honey, you can go work at Cox radio!
On a side note, the insurance adjuster totaled the truck. YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday with Mema and Poppy

Mema and Poppy tore themselves away from the beach Saturday and came to visit! It was so fun! They brought me a big box of books, which always makes me happy. The boys got funny new t-shirts. We visited and played video games and ate valentines cake. Dalton and Darion rode bikes with Poppy and we all played some vicious crazy 8. Of course we played Mario Kart too... What's a grandparents day without the wii? What did we do before it came along?

Delyla is modeling her riding technique in the adorable dress that Aunt Roxanne got her for Christmas. She can climb up onto the horse and says "Yee Haw". It is absolutely awesome. She melted Mema and Poppy's hearts by saying their names too. What a sweetie pie!
Here's me and Dad with Delyla. We kept trying to catch a picture where she was kissing on Poppy, but the camera was never fast enough!

Here's the Mario Kart Party! Look at that focus...major competition going on here.

Dalton is modeling his new Kung Fu Panda shirt with a tiny Mario on his shoulder. Darion got a really funny shirt that says something about the monkeys stealing his sister, but returning her because she talks too much... He wouldn't model it for the camera though;(

Mema was teaching Delyla proper phone etiquette here.
We had a really nice visit and we were all- especially Darion - sad to see them go after dinner. We need to get together more often! Grandparents are great!!!!
On a lovey note, I hope everyone had a sweet valentine's day. Jon redeemed himself from the sinking truck incident by taking me out to dinner Friday night (thanksfor babysitting Megan!!!) and bringing me home a beautiful box of chocolates and the most thoughtful card ever - he did more than just sign it too. He wrote me a note inside that was heartfelt and sweet and I am even more in love today than I was when I was 16. Hello Mr. Bohannon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to my world...

Yup, this is our nice truck as it sinks in the river...
If you're wondering how our day went yesterday, this should answer that...
You're probably quickly feeling concern that someone might be in it..., well, Jon crawled out the window and swam to his boat that was slowly floating away once the water filled the back seat.
You're probably really wondering...What the heck happened???

Well, first I married him....then he bought a sweet, expensive truck that we still owe about $20,000 on...then he bought a nice bass boat on ebay...then he went fishing at 5 am and due to the pitch black skies and murky water, didn't see all of the nasty algae stuff on the boat ramp...once he backed down and all four tires were on the slick sludge, that was the end of the clean new ford (too bad it wasn't 4 wheel drive)...Jon said he was trying to get it in gear and put on the emergency brake as the truck slid back farther and farther and then his buddy Randy was yelling "get out, get out", so he figured it probably was time to bail.

They waited around an hour and a half for a tow truck guy to come get it out - the whole time the truck was under water up to the dashboard and running. Nice...

After they got it out - which wasn't easy or cheap, Jon and Randy decided to go fishing anyway and Jon caught a big old 6 pound bass... Nice... BTW, for those of you who aren't married to fisherman, it is normal (evidently) for a fisherman to sink the truck and go fishing afterwards...I learned that valuable lesson yesterday.

When the fishing was over, we drove over to the Ford house and took a look at the damage...there was a crawfish crawling across the back seat and the truck stank to high heaven...when we opened the door, it was like a commercial and water rushed out...enough said.

Welcome to my world...if it isn't getting hit in the head with a golf club while giving a lesson, it's breaking your leg while doing tree runs on the snowboard... if it isn't showing up with a new truck in the driveway that I didn't know we were buying, it's sinking one...

Welcome to all the poor hidden women whose husbands are completely bland, normal and unexciting. Can we trade? Just kidding... even though he makes me crazy, gray and wrinkled, I still love him... most of the reasons I love him shouldn't be discussed in public...

Yes, we are insured and have gap insurance...pray that the insurance guy totals it... please!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Question #1: Do you guys go to Sonic at happy hour and get slushies like we do? Well, yesterday, after a great morning and a fun afternoon at the park, we went to get sludhies. Dalton always gets a blue one.

Question #2: Have you ever seen blue slush barf? Well, I have. Yes, the pity party should begin about now. Last night, Dalton got the stomach bug that I had on Monday. We were up to our ankles in blue slushy barf until about midnight. Poor little guy. If our coloring is a little off next time you see us, don't think we're cold or ill - we're not... our bodies have been dyed by blue slushy splash off. You know, if it dyes your skin, lips, tongue when you eat or drink it, it probably doesn't do much good in your stomach. Well, I'll tell you that it doesn't do much good on the carpet either. Thank goodness for the carpet shampooer. Between stomach bugs and precious poochies, that shampooer is worth its weight in gold...

Needless to say, we'll be sticking close to home today - steering clear of any artificial dyes - and praying that no one else in the family gets the bug.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All I can say is, that Brynna should pick on someone her own size!

Darion was obviously up to something here, the result of which I will never know - hopefully...

We tried to get some pictures of Delyla before church Sunday, but every time you would pull the camera out, she would turn her back and say no! Camera shy? I don't think so... Exerting her new found power? Yes - I'm in for it with this little one. She looked so adorable though.

Didn't she?

This picture is the reason that I am blogging today. This depicts Delyla to a tee! She was so over the top bossy on Sunday. She didn't want to be held, but didn't want me to put her down... that sort of day. The instant I put her in the car after church- before I even got out of the church parking lot - she was OUT! Then, I carried her into her crib when we got home, which usually wakes her right up, and went to make lunch for the boys. I peeked in before we ate, to make sure she was asleep and this was what I saw. Absolutely passed out. She slept for 3 1/2 hours. Being a bossy pants is exhausting - - -

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jon's coming home today, yippee!!!! You can imagine how depressing his evening must have been last night. He was in Arizona with a batch of Arizona boys and a few Angel Fire boys playing golf and watching the FBR Open golf tournament - - - followed by a DEFEAT of the Cardinals in the SuperBowl!!! I just talked to Jon before he got on the plane to come home. He said people were crying openly throughout the airport. There was a thick depressed feeling all around. hee hee...

To lament the sore defeat, the guys all went out and visited several bars last night after the game. Now, to his credit, Jon had to fly out much earlier than the rest of the gang, so he stuck with some iced tea and drove the rest of the guys around from place to place. Sounds fun... He sounded exhausted and is planning to actually come home and NOT GO TO WORK today!!!!! That is a miracle... Dalton is really excited to go pick up daddy at the airport and Delyla is still asleep - crazy.

On a side note... Did ya'll see Marley and Me? Is HATE too severe of a word to use in regards to a movie? Give me your opinion...