Friday, October 17, 2008

What makes me happy?

I've been thinking alot about what actually makes me happy and then tonight as I was looking through my camera and uploading pictures, it hit me, that I've got everything I need to be happy right here and right now. I've got a wonderful family full of love and kindness. I've got great friends all over. I've got a home to live in and a car to drive and I can almost afford to fill it up now! I've got an amazing, romantic, hard working husband and three unbearably adorable, smart and fun children. My parents are supportive and kind and thoughtful, as are my siblings. We all seem even closer than we were as kids. But most of all, even if I didn't have any of these things, I've got my faith to sustain me through any trial that could test my happiness quotient. I rarely lack the ability to "get happy" and have always been told by people that I just smile all of the time and radiate a kind of joy. I know that I am this way because of my testimony of The Church and of Jesus Christ. I wish I would have known it when I was younger.

Here are some pictures of my kids doing some of the things that make me happy. I have to live vicariously sometimes because I'm so busy, but it really shows that we do have some good times together! I had trouble posting the pictures where I could type around them, so here's the description followed by the pictures. Aren't my kids the bomb?

Hanging out with friends (here's Dalton with his preschool buddies) , Being a goof ball and laughing (Darion in his Indiana Jones hat being goofy at his birthday party), digging into some major chocolate without any guilt (I helped a little), being outdoors (a cool breeze), playing with Delyla (she has 3 pacifiers which made her very happy that day), a nice warm bath without interruption ( here's Delyla getting a bath after a messy dinner - she was too messy for the tub and went straight to the sink!), finding joy in everyday things (like a new park with a water area), a good book (this is my ultimate best day, A good book)...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, I guess I am going to have to face the facts... The blogging world just can't have been the same the last few weeks without my clever ramblings blocking everyones network... It just seems that I don't have enough time to even wash my hair! We have been soooo busy.
My parents came to stay with us for a week and a half after the storm and then headed up to take care of my sister during her stem cell transplant (which seems to be going as well as it can be when you erradicate your entire immune system...). We had some fun and silly times while they were here. Luckily, once they spoke to contractors and got bids on repairing the damage their beach house took from Ike, the house didn't require as much work as they had originally thought. They should be able to move back in whenever they are ready, which was probably yesterday right? However, being the wonderful parents that they are, they are lovingly caring for Roxanne and I'm sure she really appreciates and needs the help.
Jon and I evacuated with the boys to Waco during Hurricane Ike and had a great time at Grandma's house with Jon's two brothers. I'll have to post the pictures. We ate and ate and ate and watched movies and played baseball. Good Times, Good Times.
When we got home we had a couple of days without power, but all in all, we were very blessed. We had food, power, and Jon home until the car dealership opened back up. It was heaven. We just never get to spend much time with him. Thanks to Ike, we got almost 2 whole weeks. Now, if we could get two weeks where we aren't evacuating, that would truly be heaven.
Once power was back on, we got back to the normal chaos that is the Family Bohannon. I am keeping an extra little guy named Garrett during the day. He is almost 3 and has giant blue eyes. Such a sweetie! He and Dalton get along really well. I keep 2 other kids after school too. They come home about the time that Darion does and the the party really starts. Now I know what all of those typical Mormon moms feel like. Six kids is alot to have around and I only have them all together for a couple of hours. I actually enjoy it most days and really am glad to be able to be a mom and work and earn money without having to put my babies in daycare.
We have a Great book club group. Most of the girls are from church. Most of the time we actually discuss the book. All of the time it is super fun, great stress relief and uplifting too. We have read some wonderful books so far. I'll have to update my Shelfari to show. We are going to tackle a few books this month in a round robin kind of way I think. I love to read and never seem to have enough time. I love to read a book that one of my friends says is worth my time. Just knowing that I won't be disgusted or offended or bored half way through is worth so much when my time is so limited. We're reading a book called Emma by Anita Stansfield that is a retelling of Joseph and Emma Smith's relationship. A little sappy, but enjoyable and romantic. We're also going to read a book called No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew. It will hopefully help us to reaffirm our faith and give us all strength to be witnesses of Jesus Christ as times get tougher. The last Sheri Dew book we all read was so awesome. I have high hopes for this one too. The third book is called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It was recommended on Stephenie Meyer's web-site and sounds really engrossing . I imagine that when it is my turn with that book, that my family will be put on hold and I will be ordering pizza so that I can read it and read it fast.
My birthday came and thankfully went without too much of a bang. I didn't see any new wrinkles in the mirror, even if there are a few more pounds on the scale. Maybe the extra pounds are filling in the wrinkles for me. Maybe I shouldn't try to lose weight at all. Skinny or wrinkled? What would you choose???
I'll try to post some pics of my little sweeties later this weekend. Delyla has 2 little teeth on the bottom now and almost enought hair on top to do a silly little pony tail like Pebbles Flinstone. I imagine that she'll be walking any time now. Girls are so cool! Dalton has had a little bit of a hard time since the hurricane. I think he's been feeling insecure, which means "mommy, hold me... all day" , but we're living through it. Who can turn down an adorable curly headed three year old with elephant tears in his eyes? Darion is plugging along in school. Reading more each day and whizzing through any math or art they throw his way. Such a neat kid. Jon is back to work and though the market is in a slump, he is working hard and selling as much as he can. All in all, we are great. The only thing that could make it better would be a house that doesn't need a bunch of work and a view worth looking at out the window. But, we'll be happy wherever we are.
On and on she droned whether anyone read or not. Cathartic therapy.... blogging rocks.