Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here we are!

Well this isn't turning out at all like I expected it too, but I guess it is going to have to do... My pictures are about as out of order as my house!!! Here's a catalog of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. Jon's mom and brother came to visit, the kids and I went to the beach, we had a super duper family fun day that included the sport of all sports, bowling, which I totally kicked butt at!!! Here's Mr. Dalton who had his very own style of bowling. He would throw that ball out there with all of his might and it would literally inch its way down the lane, barely having any measurable momentum. Eventually, it would get to the pins. Thank you to the genius that created the bumpers which we all benefitted from. Dalton was sooooo in to the entire thing. We ate greasy nachos with Sprite and burped. He's got great potential! Talk about Quality Time.
Darion's victory dance after rolling a spare I think. He had a hilarious style too. If you know him, you won't be at all suprised that he sprinted to the line, spun the ball in a very ferocious, hyper way, and danced all the way back, all the while talking our ears off.
Here's the final score card. D Dog , of course is Darion, Bowser is Dalton, then I am Big Daddy and Jon is G Mama.... wait, what was that Jon?, I'm sorry, Jon stepped in and tried to falsify the truth so that everyone that reads my blog won't know that yes, here in plain print, there is evidence... I beat him ( I of course am G Mama... meaning Gorgeous and Great at everything)!!! Not that 132 is a score to be proud of, but, hey, I'll take a win how ever I can get it! Jon complained that the yucky lady sitting near us smoking like a chimney messed him up. Still, I beat him by a sizeable amount... please be sure to note the 2 strikes in a row, thank you very much!
Here's dad in his usual beach pose. It would be my preferable pose as well if I didn't have six little legs to keep up with.
Here's a visual of the lovely bowling shoes. Precious, and highly fashionable.
The most adorable bowler in the crowd, as well as the slimmest and most educated.
Darion sprinting to the line.
Jon playing with his pink ball. We won't really respond too much to that one, this is a family friendly blog...

Mom and Dad with the grand kids. We were at a fun benefit for an American Legion place where mom and dad go dancing. The kids had so much fun. Darion and Poppy are sporting their Indiana Jones hats and the quietest shirts they had. Dalton is wearing a ball cap that we call the "shorty" hat after the character in the Temple of Doom movie. There was a delicious roasted chicken dinner and a fun band playing mostly country music. I was the youngest babe there and the only one there with kids, I think, but my angelic children were soooooo well behaved, you would have never guessed that they were the same little tasmanian devils that I usually tote around town. Darion and Dalton helped serve food and then danced the night away!
The love birds... Mom and Dad have been married 40 years this year. Amazing that they could put up with eachother..... I mean, how lovely that they have endured through the good and the bad and been such amazing examples to us. Thanks mom and dad! Love you!!!
Dalton taking Mema for a spin around the dance floor.
Darion learning to do the Texas Two Step. He was really good at it by the end of the night!
Delyla, during the one moment that she wasn't eating the sand. Those were fun diapers...

Jon and his mom at Chili's.
Uncle BJ and the boys displaying their Mario and Yoshi action figures. They were lost forever about 2 hours later (the action figures, not the kids...)
Delyla the Diva wearing Gammy's necklace and eating cheerios. Quite the life of the party!
Darion demonstrating the finer technique required in the game of golf.
The gang ready to go out and hit the links.
Yes, our lives are as adorable as they appear on this blog, but don't be fooled...we have a dark side. Maybe I'll blog about it another time. Toodles!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Mesmerizer...

No, I am not a child abuser, but yes, that is one huge goose egg. This photo was taken about 4 hours after Darion had a run in with a grill at the park. It was super freaky as Darion put it. Within seconds of bashing his head on the corner of the grill, he had a golf ball sized bump. By the time we thought to take a picture of it, it was substantially smaller. Thank goodness...
They were playing some type of super hero game and of course D-Dog was totally into the speed and thrill of the game. He popped up from a crouched run and bam!!! Lights out mister!! He was really tough through the whole thing. My reaction was not "ideal", but it was motherly and I eventually pulled it together. We raced home, put ice on it and he was fine. We spent the rest of the day thinking up fictitious super hero names and powers to go with them. The most accurate description for Darion the rest of the day was THE MESMERIZER. Here's why: the Mesmerizer speaks, incessantly, lulling its victims into a restful sort of trance that unless he stops speaking, they can never snap out of. Yes, I was lucky enough to be the object of the Mesmerizer's attention the rest of the day...blah, blah, blah... Now I know what my mom and dad had to go through. I still have problems stopping talking sometimes. I couldn't tell you anything we talked about and I can't describe my relief when Jon finally came home and he became the next victim of the Mesmerizer's charm. Oh sweet release!
This afternoon I cam into the living room and saw Delyla engrossed in the activities going on outside. It was adorable. Even taking the picture didn't peel her attention away.
Darion and Dalton had a friend over and they were playing in the plastic swimming pool outside. I'm not sure if they could have been enjoying themselves more going absolutely crazy and making a huge mess. Hot summer days in Texas - gotta love 'em. Especially when I get to stay inside with the a/c on and watch through the window.