Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello everyone!

Man, it's been a long time since I updated my blog. But, being the dedicated friend I am, I will forgo changing the stinky diaper Deyla just walked up to me with, in order to update everyone on what's up with nose is in utter peril, so I will type quickly...

Thanks to Matt's brother in law for figuring out the wireless internet that is allowing me to sit in the kitchen, smell the poop and type at the same time. Priceless...

We are awesome! Jon and Matt have been building a ginormous green house and we're planting up a storm in order to provide local produce for the hordes. We are having so much fun! We have named the farm Hope Farms after Alison's mom who is suffering from breast cancer, but determined to beat it!!!! Goooooo Hope! We are working on a grrrreeeeaaatt contract to provide produce year round for a really fancy restaurant here. If all goes well, we could meagerly support both the Batchelder's and the Bohannon's from that one contract. Very exciting indeed;)!

I am working part time at a real estate company for a guy from church. It is an awesome job and I feel sooo blessed to have it!

Darion is partying with his friends all of the time. They're playing video games, camping, reading and running around like mountain boys. Dalton does everything in his power to keep up with them - including adopting some of their not-so-catchy phrases. We've had to wash his and Darion's mouths out with soap to remedy that. Boys will be boys, I know, but my boys will not have potty mouths if I have anything to %# $&* say about it!!!!:) Just kidding;)

Delyla is a joy - not sure what else to say about her. She is still the easiest, most adorable little lady. She talked all the way through sacrament meeting today and everyone thought it was adorable, even when I was getting a little frustrated. She has a ton of teeth and would eat us out of house and home if given the chance. Her little pudgy belly sticks out and she is quickly
growing out of every stitch of clothing we 've got. She's so different from the boys. Just loves being outside and constantly laughs.

Alison and Matt renewed their vows this weekend - after almost 14 years of marriage. It was soooooooo romantic and beautiful. I'd never been to any Catholic service before and it was so different, but neat at the same time. Alison's oldest brother is a priest and he performed the mass while Paxto and Stanton served as altar boys. It was neat to see them participate and be so reverent. There was a great reception afterwards and everyone toasted their friendship with the Batchelder's. Several shared stories of how they became friends with them. The common element was that everyone felt an immediate kinship with Matt and Alison because of their genuine generosity and caring nature. Jon and I feel blessed to have them as our best friends.

We finally rented the Crosby house and have renters moving in on July 1!! Hallelujah for that. What a relief!

I have a beautiful little branch I attend here. We have maybe 30 people in attendance. We roatate serving in primary, young womens and relief society. I love it! The meetings are super spiritual.

I wish I could upload pictures to show you guys, I'll have to work on that. Miss you all;) Wish me luck with this diaper!!!!