Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is the ever so precious and precocious Delyla on her 1st birthday - of course, riding her princess Ariel scooter. She loves it!

Darion is acting like a turtle in the next picture. We were at the awesome Houston zoo!

Princess Delyla on Halloween - such a cutie pie!

Darion and Dalton as Batman and Indiana Jones on Halloween!

Delyla's first steps and her first 2 teeth - more on the way!

This picture is for Alison - remember when Paxton, Stanton, and Darion wore these PJ's? Here are the last 2 wearing them proudly! Our little pumpkins...
Here is a picture of Brett Favre. Yes, he slept in my bed last night...hmmmm

I wish this was in focus. Jon caught this picture of Dalton on the Carousel at the Zoo. He was sooooooo excited that Daddy was there. He waved every time we went around. A special day with dad is all it takes to make these kids happy... Meee tooooo!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where are you?

I can't believe I haven't had time to blog in a month! Well, I guess I can. Life is hectic though right? I lost around 35 pounds this week when I stopped keeping little Garrett during the day. I look and feel great! Too bad the weight didn't actually come off of my butt... (for those of you who need clarification - the 35 pounds was the little boy no longer coming to my house at 6:15 in the morning)

It was just more than I was willing to handle - having an extra three year old that is not biologically yours around is a ton of work. So far, this week has been a dream, quiet, easy. I will never complain about my angel Dalton again (well, atleast for a few days longer).

We did however gain a new member to the family - Brett Favre is his name and he is a 6 week old mutt of a lab type variety. He is sooooo cuddly and cute. Darion really needed a buddy and Brett fits the bill. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I can. Talk about precious. We were going to wait until Christmas to get him a pet, but a sweet friend mentioned her puppies were old enough to be adopted, so we took the kids by her house yesterday and Darion picked out his little buddy. My only requirement is that he picks up the poo.... and that the dog didn't end up being named after a pokemon character. I won in both regards and Darion named him after my favorite football player. Isn't he sweet? Now when Kareena called today and I told her I had to go help Brett Favre potty, I wasn't really lying! Hee Hee...

So many exciting things have happened in the past month! Delyla turned 1 and had a precious princesss party complete with castle cake and frosting. She loved eating the frosting and made adorable faces throughout. She knew that all of the fuss was about her and acted like quite a diva. She has us all wrapped around her finger! She took her first steps last week and will only attempt them when no one is looking. She's not quite sure what to think of the puppy at this point. She doesn't like it to be too near her if she is on the floor. I hope they warm up to eachother.

Dalton has bee having a blast with mommy almost all to himself this week. Daddy even stayed home and we all went to the zoo. He is in heaven and I think he is enjoying not having to share... not sure if that is good or not at this point, but we'll go with the flow...

Darion got 3 awards at school today! He was awarded a certificate for math achievement, and 2 certificates for kids meals at Applebee's - one for getting an A on his 6-weeks math test and the other for getting an A on his 6-weeks reading test! Gooooooo Darion!

Jon switched car dealerships and is now working back at the Friendly Ford here in Crosby. He has enjoyed the switch so far, but is looking for a change out of the car sales business. Who could blame him with the economy in such a state and the American car manufacturers in such a mess...

Me? Well, as we all know, I sit around with my feet on a silken cushion, eating bon bons and watching the food network. Wait, don't pinch me!!!! I'd like to stay asleep a little longer.... awww man, the dog and Delyla have both just taken a giant poo and it looks like they've been eating out of the same dog bowl... Calgon, take me away..... far.