Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 important H's -hunting and haircuts

H is for Hunting!  The boys have been out several times with Jon and the dog grouse hunting.  This time we remembered to get the camera out before they went.  I love this picture with Delyla in her pj's and shooting her fake gun at a bird...Dalton is checking his safety and Darion is in his own little world!

I told the kids to pose for a Cristmas card - the redneck way and this is what I got.  The only thing missing is a few more old cars in the background and a huge hound dog.  Our dog runs the other way when the boys have their bb guns out - she's smart!  Darion is looking at a huge bird trying to decide if he wants to eat it if he shoots it.  He decided black birds might not taste very good.  Thank heaven I haven't had to make any squirrel stew yet.  Darion is getting better at aiming so I might be calling Brianne for a recipe...gross!!

Dalton was not thrilled with our progress here.  He said "where are the dang birds".  Can't get much more Texan than that - Sandy Squirrel would be proud.  Our favorite quote of hers is "Don't take the name of Texas in vain!"  We overdosed on Sponge Bob this summer and are still in a little bit of withdrawal since school started. 

We are trying to teach the kids to be "tree huggers"  - Delyla said this one it too big!  I told her the big ones are the oldest and she said "mommy I think this one is even older than you".  Well - I do have a birthday coming up - I'm runing a slight second to the tree - all three kids couldn't stretch around it.

Delyla is holding a used shot gun shell.  Such a great combo of girly and tom boy.  She came up to the door once this summer with princess shoes and a tiara holding a snake...

Peek a boo - a little heavy on the boo!

On to the second H - HAIRCUT.  Now I know most of you think our family is anti-barber - especially if you saw us over the summer.  Well, 30 mins and $45 dollars later we have 2 children who are almost unrecognizable.

 Darion said he didn't care how I told the barber to cut his hair since I won't let him have an afro.  Dalton wanted a faux hawk.   It was actually really fun taking them to Taos to get the cuts done.  Jon has a great golfing buddy that owns a salon there - he hooked the boys up with some style.  Darion was very concerned that the girls would think he looked like Justin Beiber.  I don't see the resemblence at all.  Dalton just said he looked "wicked" good. ( He hasn't seen Good Will Hunting... )

 Delyla just has to be in a picture if the camera is out.  She got herself dressed this morning - nice color coordination.  I have since chased her around the house and sat on her to get her hair brushed.  She looks very presentable now.  I love the bed hair though!