Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick note...

A quick note to let everyone know that we made it to Angel Fire and are unpacking and getting settled. The road trip was about 20 hours!!! The kids were angels since we were able to separate them into the 3 cars we caravaned up in.

I got up and looked out the window at the gorgeous mountains with billowing clouds rising behind them this morning and just felt a complete sense of home that I haven't felt in a few years. I could cry just thinking about it now. We've got alot of adjusting to do to get moved in and get to work, but I feel so peaceful and calm about it that I know this is where we are supposed to be;0) Darion decided to go to school with Paxton and Stanton for the last 20 days, so it is quiet. Jon is up in Taos playing golf. Matt and Alison are working. Delyla is sleeping. Dalton is playing monster trucks. Everyone just seems as content as I am to be here. I'll get out and start taking pictures for everyone soon;)

Lots of love and hugs to all of my Houston friends...missing you;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We are so lucky to have Matt coming down on the 25th to help us get moved to Angel Fire! (Best bud ever for sure - he wins the prize, takes the cake, scores a big one, deserves a gold medal and the purple heart) Yup, I just said the 25th. That's what I'm talking about people. Angel Fire here we come!!!!! I'm not overly excited am I? Our little 4-6 weeks was cut in half.

We've got people lined up to come look at the house Wednesday when we officially open it up for rent. We've painted every room except the laundry room. We've repaired all the siding outside and planted flowers too;) Our last project is to put down new flooring in the kitchen. We got really pretty oak laminate flooring for only 78 cents per square foot. Don't tell me if you've bought it cheaper...I don't want to know! We went to 4 different places plus looked at a ton online - I hate shopping. We had a contractor come over last night to bid the job of putting the flooring down. He wanted $2 per square foot. CRAZY! I told Jon we were going to do it ourselves! I can't wait to put it down. It is going to look so pretty!

Tomorrow is my last Sunday in the Pine Trails Ward. I have made some amazing friends here. I know there was a purpose for us being here, although Jon and I haven't quite figured out what that ultimate purpose was. Maybe we just needed to learn a few things. Well, we have learned alot about what we don't want. I'm not sure how I'll live without Sweet Mama K. She was my lifesaver in Crosby for sure!!!!! I am going to miss you a ton girl!

We're going down to spend our last Sunday with mom and dad at Surfside beach next weekend for Dalton's big #4 birthday and the beach! Bitter sweet! Then, we'll be packing up and moving out! Wish us luck. Hopefully my next blog will be full of pictures from Angel Fire! Yippee!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Countdown has begun...

Well, one of our last projects on the house was completed today! We've got to do a little more painting and then we'll be ready to put the house up for rent/sale;) Angel Fire here we come!

Something really struck me as funny today: Why are we making our house so nice for someone else to live in it? Why do we do that? It's been good enough for us to live in the last 3 years!!! It seems so idiotic, but I guess that's what you've gotta do. Jon patched up a "jagged" corner where we knocked out a wall a couple of years ago. It took 10 minutes! Why didn't we do that a long time ago? So strange how we can live with things in our home halfway done. Maybe we'll complete projects in our next house. Maybe not! We planted flowers that someone else will get to enjoy! The house is gonna look so good - for someone else;0) Well, that's fine by me as long as we find that person sooner rather than later!!

We're going to sell a ton of our stuff in the community wide garage sale on the 19th. Come on over and buy my crap please!!! We're wanting to downsize our belongings to make the move easier. We keep moving boxes of stuff that we never even use! We're going to sell the dining table/chairs, our cool red couches, and a bunch of other stuff. How else are we going to fund this move???

Well, wish us luck and I'll try to keep everyone posted on our actual move date. Right now, we're looking at 4-6 weeks. Probably closer to 4! Yippee!!!