Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last, but not least

Just a quick note to have everyone take a look at the blog for the garden at We'll keep you posted on what we're up to and on what's growing on around here!

A few more pictures

Here are a few more pictures - starting with my absolute favorite. Delyla in her save the planet shirt, with pony tails and sticking her tongue out at me. This is her personality to a tee! Precious and Precocious!
Here's Dalton eating roasted marshmallows at the 4th of July church activity. The relief society prez has this big barn near Eagle Nest Lake where they shot fireworks. We all went there and ate sloppy joe's, roasted marshmallows, drank home made rootbeer and watched fireworks. It was a great night!

Darion is blowing out his marshmallow fire. What didn't come through on the picture, is that he has about 6 marshmallows on there! Sugar head!!

Delyla with her pig tails again waiting patiently for me to give her more rootbeer;) Cutie Pie!

One last one of Darion with a few kids from his rugby team. Darion wasn't actually the littlest kid on the team, but he was the fastest! It is a great sport. I was never familiar with it and can't say that I know many of the rules, but nothing is better than seeing your kid break through and score a tri! Gooooo Darion! We can't wait for next season.

The Wedding

We were lucky enough to participate in the most romantic day ever last month! Matt and Alison, our best friends ever, had a special ceremony that blessed their marriage in the Catholic church. Their vow renewal ceremony was beautiful! I've never been to any kind of Catholic ceremony and I found it to be a wonderful experience. Alison's oldest brother Peter, we call him Father Uncle Peter, is a priest and he came to perform the ceremony. Paxton and Stanton were altar boys. A lot of Matt and Alison's family was present in the tiny little historic San Antonio Catholic church here in Angel Fire. The music was beautiful as were the vows and readings. The spirit certainly was present and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. That top picture shows Matt's mom Shirley, then Matt and Alison, and Hope and Peter, Alison's parents.
Here are Alison and I right before the ceremony. There is a tiny little room off to the side of the chapel that we waited in. It was girl time.

Here are the guys having their guy time right before the wedding at the house. Jon was Matt's best man and Alison's sister Patty, who is super awesome and fun and lives in Austin, was the maid of honor. We had a wonderful time.

Here are the love birds. Sooo romantic to see people that you love, people that you know have stayed together even when it was hard, re - pledge their devotion to eachother. Jon and I were both so touched by the whole thing.

Here are the Altar boys - Paxton, looking absolutely thrilled, and Stanton rubbing it in that he was thrilled to participate. The altar boys help with the host (their sacrament) - it was really cool to see Pax and Stanton working hand in hand with their Uncle Father Peter during the ceremony.

Here's Alison with her parents. Hope's jacket was soooo beautiful - just the same color as her eyes.

Here's a shot during the ceremony.

A great shot of the altar boys waiting for the ceremony to start.

Peter, Alison, Patty and I right before the mass started. Happy Day!

Miracles never cease!

I finally had enough time to figure out a way to post pics that wouldn't freeze my computer! Hooray! It feels like a miracle. Now, I have a gazillion pictures to post. Here are some of the fun things about Angel Fire. Our friend Stanton is such a ham! Stanton, Darion and Dalton all tried the Euro-bungie at the resort. They get strapped into a harness that is elevated and then they jump and flip around in the air.
The teenagers that man the station though Darion was a hoot. They elevated him just about as high as he could go and then they would grab the harness and pull him down, bounce him on the little air mattress thing and let him absolutely fly. I think it might have scared him the first time, but after that, he was in heaven...almost literally.

Here's Dalton getting started. He was a little timid, but he got the hang of it and had a great time. Check out that gorgeous blue sky behind him! Man it is FINE here;)

Here are a couple of elk that we stopped to look at on the way to work the other day. They really come down to feed now that we're getting rain. They love the soggy areas. Elk are such big animals compared to the little white tailed deer we would see in Crosby. We did get the chance to see a mama doe with two little baby Bambis crossing the road the other day. The babies were so tiny and they had the little white spots on their backs. Adorable!

And last, but not least, this is Jon's bill board. Yes, Jon has his own bill board in Angel Fire. It is crazy! We had forgotten about it until we got to town. Jon was featured in a ton of promotional advertising for the resort when he was the pro, and this one is still up. What a celebrity!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday fun

We had a great morning at church and I am relieved to say that after the last few weeks! I'm not sure what the difference was today, but the kids were pleasant and calm. They have been entertaining themselves all afternoon and it has been quiet. I'm totally wierded out! I've been dinking around on the internet and found an amazing LDS Blog site just chock full of great stuff. It is located at . If I did it right, her tag should show on my blog to the left. I stole her playlist too - well, there was a link to get the HTML code. Those internet savvy ladies out there amaze me. I wish one of them would come over and teach me some more stuff. I feel pretty small when I'm trying to learn how to do something new.

I am so super thankful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have dear friends who are obviously struggling and feel impressed greatly by the weight of my gratitude for the spiritual knowledge I have gained over the last few years that has helped me through my personal struggles. I am a different person, a better person, because of this knowledge - this testimony of the mission of Jesus Christ - as well as the humble faith I have knowing where I came from, where I'm going and what it is all for. Thanks to some great missionaries for getting me started and to a great dad and friends for keeping me going even when I didn't deserve their help. I feel lucky today!

We are doing very well here in Angel Fire. The scenery is so majestic and the people are so kind. There's still stress and alot to get done every day, but I feel at home - even though I'm not in my own home yet. It will all come with time. Carolyn, Jon's mom is moving up here next month and we are so excited about that. She is going to fit right in up here with all of us crazy mountain living, nature loving people. Although I really really miss so many of my friends from Crosby, I truly know that this is where I am supposed to be. Thank goodness for blogging and facebook to help us stay in contact a little better! I'm horrible about calling people, or answering the phone for that matter, as you all know..... I'm sending huge hugs and kisses blown with cold breath your way guys! If you feel a cool breeze over your shoulder, it's me thinking about you;) Lots of love, Galadriel