Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey there Delyla

Since I blogged about Dalton and Darion last week, I thought I'd talk a little about Miss. Delyla this time.  She is growing so quickly.  Delyla absolutely loves Dora!  She also likes Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie and littlest pet shops.   She loves to help me in the kitchen - we were making Chewy Brownie Cookies that day.  She's really great at rolling them into little balls. 
Delyla has a big opinion about what she wears - and actually a big opinion about what I wear as well.  She picked out this outfit to match her new church shoes from Aunt Rita.  She asks me every day when she wakes up if we are going to church today.  She loves going - loves dancing and singing in nursery.  I can't wait for her to be a sunbeam!  She's our little sunbeam already, but she says she wants to be a sunbeam for Jesus.  So precious.

Delyla absolutely adores her brother Dalton and does everything he does.  If she's getting her picture taken, she runs to get Dalton so he will be in it too.  They are 2 peas in a pod.  My mom made the comment that she had always told me Darion would be easier if I had another child for him to play with - I can really see the truth in that with Dalton and Delyla.  They play together often and with anything from mud to stuffed animals to dressing up.  If Dalton has yogurt, Delyla has to have yogurt...if Dalton is putting on his shoes, Delyla puts hers on...if  Dalton says "butt"...well, you get the picture. 


Brianne said...

Glad to see your blog moving again!! I can't believe Dalton started Kindergarten!! Austin's in 1st grade and still talks about our "preschool" with Dalton and Mya and Keegan...ah, memories. Delyla sure is getting big. She's always been pretty, but she seems to be getting even prettier the bigger she gets...just like her Mama!! I miss you tons and love seeing your little ones again. (Maybe some pics of you soon?)