Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delyla and I were picking flowers and she brought me these teeny tiny purple blossoms.  She said they were her favorite and that they'd be my favorite because they are purple.  Girls are awesome aren't they?!

Here is my little mini me on our flower picking day.  It has  been much cooler the last week so we were wearing jackets - of course hers is pink.  I took an adorable video of her and tried to upload it, but couldn't make it work.  I'll have ot figure that out.  She went up to a mullien stalk and said "Hey mom, look, it's soft."  I explained that sometimes on hikes people use it for toilet paper because the leaves are wide and soft and thick (like Charmin;).  After that she saw another one and said "Hey mom, look, toilet paper."  She's so smart.  In another video, she comes running up to me with a seedy dandelion and begins to blow on it.  She blows like crazy and nothing happens - it is so adorable to see her try so hard.  

This morning we're having an indoor picnic and watching Shirley Temple.  I am in heaven!

Yesterday we went to the golf course in Taos.  Delyla had a wonderful time.  Jon got her a tiny putter and some yellow range balls.  She ran all over that putting green.  She said she's ready for a tourament now like Daddy.

Here she's getting a little how to from Jon. 

Nice background huh?  Overcast and windy day - green, green grass and blue blue sky in between huge puffy clouds.  Jon's headed to the US Mid - Am today in Albuquerque.  If he can putt, he can win!! Pray for a good putting day everybody! 


Brianne said...

GOOD PUTTING DAY JON!!! Good luck! I'm so jealous of your view...maybe when all is said and done I'll get to live where I want. *sigh* Beautiful little "mini-me" you have on your hands!