Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miss Delyla

Delyla is a ham. She loves to kid around. Some of the funniest things about her right now are:

You have, I mean HAVE to call her Delyla. If you call her honey, or goof ball or anything, she says "I no goofball, I Delyla."

She is in charge of wiping in the potty department. We are potty training and she is super independant about it. - Super ewwww...thank you sanitizer companies

She loves to make faces. She'll say look and make the silliest face and then she'll tell you what that face is - mad, silly, sad, suprise!

She is all about her hair. We bought some spray in detangler stuff and she has it in her hand every morning. She says she wants pony tails, one or two...or honey buns (where you don't pull the ponytail all the way through). She'll choose her bow or barrette. She got an Ariel hair brush for Christmas and always wants to brush my hair with it. Not so hard Delyla!:) Too bad she's not so excited about brushing her teeth. We got some rollers for her hair and she thought she was so special - she looked adorable before and after, although you can't really see how pretty it was in the picture, believe me, she looked super sweet.

Delyla chooses what to wear. Even if it doesn't match. Even if it really doesn't match. I'm going to have to start taking pictures.

She has to sleep with her door open. She throws a fit if you try to shut it before she is asleep. I think she likes to see what we are doing - or what she is missing out on.

She thinks she likes Dora. She'll say " I watch D-D-D-D-D-Dora" like the theme song. We'll turn it on, but she never really sits to watch it. I know, Dad is saying...where'd she get that? I rarely sit through anything either.

She copies Dalton all day long. If I serve lunch and Dalton says he doesn't like it. Delyla doesn't like it either. If Dalton takes a bath Delyla takes a bath. If Dalton goes potty, Delyla goes potty. If Dalton says he wants cheetos, Delyla wants cheetos. If Dalton is talking about poop, yup, Delyla is talking about poop. If Dalton jumps off a bridge....well, anyway. Hopefully Dalton will grown into being a really good example, because she sure watches everything he does.

We are so glad to have our little Delyla.


KCsMomma said...

She is the rest of your bunch!

SweetmamaK said...

she is beautiful like her Aunt Kareena, ha I mean her mommy. I love that she copies Dalton!