Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas at the Bohannon's

Christmas was great this year. Ebay is my new best friend;) Living in an area where shopping is limited, we still were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas. The tree was gorgeous and had a few presents for everyone. Dalton and Delyla were vigorously opening presents as you can see from the pictures. On Christmas Eve, they opened their pj's ( a tradition) and then we went to Gammy's to open her presents for them.

Christmas morning was super fun. Santa brought a bunch of Littlest Pet shop animals and accessories. The kids were having so much fun playing with them that we were able to cook and eat breakfast before even getting to the presents. It was nice that the morning was slow.

Darion's favorite present was a Halo action figure. Dalton's favorite was a big rig and a remote contral dump truck. Delyla really liked her Ariel pj's and panties. By the way...Edward was my stocking...Isn't Santa the best?

In the past few years, we have spent Christmas with much more of our family than we were able to this year. We really missed having Mema and Poppy around as well as our siblings that are in Texas and Michigan. All in all it was very peaceful and fun to be home together.


24 Pinecone Angel Fire said...

I so would love to talk to you. I can't find your number. If you get a chance facebook me.